Veggie Pride Parade – 2015

Veggie Pride Parade

Taking place on Sunday March 29, 2015

Beginning At 12:00 pm

From Ninth Ave and Gansevoort St to Union Square

Veggie Parade 02The procession will begin at 12 Noon, sharp, in the Old Meat Packing District (where 9th Ave. & Gansevoort St. intersect). It will culminate in a festival for all to enjoy at the north end of Union Square Park. There, revelers of all persuasions will hear well-known vegan speakers and music by vegan artists. They’ll all partake in free vegan food and explore a wide variety of exhibitor presentations. At 2 p.m., a costume contest will take place.

Throughout the day, individuals will be encouraged to speak their mind at the Soapbox Testimonial Station. Other activists will beckon passersby to receive a dollar in return for watching a pro-veg video.

Organizer Pamela Rice feels confident that this year’s parade will be the best ever. Ms. Rice said, “I’m hoping that at this event people will see vegans and vegetarians come out of the shadows, once and for all.”

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Speaker List:

  • Pamela Rice, author of “101 Reasons Why I’m a Vegetarian” and coordinator of Veggie Pride Parade NYC
  • Nancy Kogel, founder, ROAR (Reaching Out for Animal Rights)
  • Eric Walton, celebrated magician, actor, artist, & writer
  • Mickey Z, speaker, activist
  • Karen Davis, PhD, founder and president of United Poultry Concerns
  • Freya Dinshah, president of American Vegan Society, has authored several books
  • Dr. Natural, instructor in natural healing
  • Edita Birnkrant, New York Director of Friends of Animals
  • Richard Schwartz, PhD., author, podcaster, president, Jewish Vegetarians of North America (JVNA)
  • Fran Costigan, the “Queen of Vegan Desserts.”
  • Marybeth Abrams, nutritional consultant, nutritionist, author
  • Victoria Moran, bestselling author of 12 books, vegan life coach
  • Lee Hall, environmental lawyer, author of several books on veganism and animal rights.
  • Joan Wai, founder and director of Youth Buddhism Communications Center and
  • Bob DiBenedetto, co-founder of Healthy Planet and is creator of the group’s Healthy School Lunch Program
  • Kathy Stevens, founder and director of Catskill Animal Sanctuary
  • Anne Dinshah is a lifetime vegan and third-generation vegetarian, has authored several books